Thanks Mom! // Ethical and Eco-Conscious Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Somehow, Mother's Day has always managed to sneak up on me.  Well, to be honest, pretty much any occasion where I have to get something in the mail on time sneaks up on me.  My gift usually ends up arriving a few days late and I have to make an apologetic phone call to let my sweet mother know that I haven't forgotten her.  I don't think she really minds...she knows she raised a slightly scatterbrained and disorganized daughter :)

This year, though, I'm planning ahead.  Luck has it that I'm flying home to Albuquerque just a week before Mother's Day and, while I won't still be there to spend the actual day with her, I can bring her a few things to show her I care.  I think I've decided on a (not really green) make-up primer that she's mentioned she would like and some teas from a local shop here in Portland.  The best part of the gifts, though, will be to be able to give them to her in person.

In my search for gifts, I ran across a few other ideas.  Many of them are good for our Mother Earth as well.  Here's to Mom!

Kat and Roger Ceramic Planter - Ceramics and I are having a moment.  Lately, I've been wanted nothing more than to fill my house with beautiful plants in equally beautiful pots. I love the look of this pot, with its retro colors and texture.  It's hand thrown and painted in California, so each will be one of a kind.  Add a low maintenance house plant and you've got a gift that's both gorgeous and practical, just like Mom.

Loving Earth Salted Caramel Chocolate - What's always an acceptable gift?  Chocolate!!  Especially when it's fairly and sustainable sourced.  Loving Earth has a lot of mouthwatering options made only with whole food ingredients.  This Salted Caramel bar only contains certified organic fair trade virgin cacao butter, raw cashews, organic coconut nectar, and pink salt.  

Reusable Sandwich Wrap with Wooden Button - Lately, I've been questioning my frequent use of plastic bags for lunches.  With summer coming, I can't imagine a more adorable way to start switching to a more sustainable lunch than these adorable sandwich wraps.  The button is a great touch, too!  Why not skip the horrendous Mother's Day brunch lines and pack a picnic to enjoy in the sunshine?  Maybe buy some extra sandwich wraps for yourself :)

Mountain Rose Herbs Peace Tea - Finally, I'm sure there isn't a mom out there who couldn't use a little more peace in her life.  This Peace Tea contains chamomile, spearmint, lavender, cinnamon, passion flower, and rose petals.  It's 100% organic and from a company that I really trust.  It's as beautiful to look at as it will be to drink.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day!  I hope this makes gift-finding just a little bit easier!