Beauty Heroes April 2016 Box

I have a new reason to keep an eye out for the first of each month.  And it doesn't have to do with remembering to pay the mortgage (ugh).  I finally signed up for a Beauty Heroes subscription box and the loveliness just keeps rolling in.

This month, I was so excited to learn that the featured products were from True Nature Botanicals.  I had heard wonderful things about their face oils from Joanna Goddard's blog and had been itching to get my hands on some since.  The Beauty Heroes box came with a generous sample size of the Pacific Face Oil which is chock full of gorgeous seed oils (including chia!) and marine antioxidants.  It does a great job of sinking into my skin and has a wonderful, woodsy scent.  I've used it at night as a final nourishing layer of my skincare routine but I've also found that it is light enough to use during the day.  I'll just blend about 2 drops of the oil all over my face and neck before applying my make up.

The star of this month's box, though, is the Exfoliating Moisture Mask, which I hadn't heard of before.

I think I may love this product even more than the face oil.  I can actually feel it working on my face, meaning it's got a little tingle and heat which dissipates as it stays on.  It exfoliates with alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) but protects and moisturizes at the same time with avocado butter.  The color and consistency reminds me of the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask but I actually notice more results with this product.  You only need a small amount to cover your face so I imagine this container will last me for a good while.  Which is a good thing because a little container of this beauty will set you back $90 bucks!  With my Beauty Heroes subscription I payed only $40 dollars for both of these products and I feel they are well worth it!

Has anyone else tried products from True Nature Botanicals?  What did you think?